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We care about your family's health, including the health of your pets. Mold poses many health risks,  such as an increase in allergies, asthma, headaches and in some cases much more. We eradicate the problem before it gets worse and we guarantee it in writing for a full three years or we will treat the entire home again for free! Give yourself peace of mind about your home and your health.

Mold can grow on any porous surface, and can invade the interior of your home if not treated. The two molds that we deal with the most are Aspergillus and Stachybotrys ATRA (AKA black mold). We identify these molds and using a time proven method and our proprietary formula we eradicate it from the exterior of your home or business.

Attention to detail is just a matter of course for us. We will inspect the exterior of your home or business and show you what we find. Our goal is to educate you. Our friendly technician will explain the process of treating your home or business and let you know what to expect when they have finished. We treat you with the respect that you deserve.

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At best, mold is an eyesore that lowers the value of your property. At worst, it works it's way into your home or business threatening the health of your family and pets. customers and clients. Here are just a few examples of buildings that we've treated using a time tested method that we trust so much, we give a three year, transferable, written guarantee. If any mold returns within that three year period, we come back and re-treat the property for free!

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Feel free to call and schedule an estimate at your convience. Or drop us a line via email. One of our friendly professionals will come out and inspect your property and show you everything we find. We want to educate you and help to protect your family and property.


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Today, Exterior Mold Removal Service Company will expound on one kind of mold (fungus) that is prevalent in most areas of Texas, Aspergillus. Dr. Revankar sums up the dangers of inhalation and contact very concisely. While it is true that not everyone who comes in contact with or breathes Aspergillus will become infected, it is true that extended exposure could cause some very serious health issues.

Exterior Mold Removal Service Company has, for the last 25 years, endeavored to educate communities where this mold is abundant to the extreme. We have been and continue to be on the cutting edge of exterior mold removal using proprietary chemical formulas designed to kill mold at the molecular level. It is our goal to help all people lead a healthier, longer life, free of mold infestations on the exterior of their homes and businesses.

 People often ask, “Why should I worry about mold on the outside of my house?” The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time. The simple answer is that mold on the outside WILL get inside, and that’s where it gets complicated, very complicated. If mold is left on the outside of your home it grows into cracks, weep holes in brick, through broken or missing caulk around windows and even under doors, When mold gets in the walls of your home it gets very unhealthy and very expensive to treat. We have all heard the expression “a little prevention goes a long way” and that could not be truer when it comes to mold contamination.

Please read what Dr. Revankar has to say about Aspergillus and the dangers of exposure. If you would like to have us come do an inspection, click here to send us an inspection request. We are ready to help. Later we will talk about walking barefoot in mold. YIKES!!!


Thank you.

Barry Collinsworth


The following article was taken from Merck Manuals.




Sanjay G. Revankar, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director, Infectious Disease Fellowship Program, Division of Infectious Diseases, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Download the complete article by Dr. Revankar to learn more about Asperfillosis and it's effects on your health.

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